The patented hi-fi Bluetooth headphones and case that doubles as speaker!

Boomphones RE-UP & Active Speaker Case

Experience a new way of listening to and sharing your music on the go with our patented, uniquely designed RE-UP Headphones and Active Speaker Case.

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What Are They?


A premium Bluetooth headphone that also functions as a powerful, portable speaker.

The Active Speaker Case

A protective headphone case with built-in speakers and battery, providing an enhanced audio experience.

How They Work Together

Place the RE-UP headphones inside the Active Speaker Case, connect the two devices and watch all of the speakers play in unison.

Boomphones RE-UP & Active Speaker Case Features


The Boomphones RE-UP comes equipped with built-in speakers that are perfect for music sharing. By utilizing space and airflow in the most efficient of ways, these speakers pack the most sound per square inch. They’re small in size, but MASSIVE in sound – we guarantee it! Enjoy the comfort of a private listening experience, or power up the speakers and share your tunes with the people around you.

The Active Speaker Case & Power Boost

Enhance your audio with the RE-UP’s counterpart, the Active Speaker Case. It’s built to protect, but that’s not all – each case is outfitted with a pair of built-in speakers and battery. To activate, simply dock and connect the RE-UPs inside the case, which instantly combine all of the speakers, creating an extremely powerful experience. We’ve taken its versatility a step further by adding a charging port for your RE-UP and smartphone.

Bluetooth & Wired

The Boomphones RE-UP utilizes Bluetooth 4.1, which is the most up-to-date Bluetooth technology. If you find yourself in need of a cable, we’ve included that as well.


LED Lights

Our LED lights provide an ambient hue to set any mood. When illuminated, they also let you know that your RE-UPs are in Speaker Mode.


Both the RE-UP and the Active Speaker Case have microphones for phone calls, giving you the option to take calls privately or on speakerphone.

Patented Folding Capabilities

The Boomphones RE-UP’s folding capabilities enable them to become their own speaker stand, making it easy to set them up on any surface. Safely store your headphones, as they fold to half their size and take up next to no space.

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